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Want to attract more customers? Why not make the most of Smartphone’s popularity today by looking into mobile development? Most, if not anyone today has a Smartphone that they use not only for communication but to look for products and services online.  It’s either you keep innovating or lose customers by not adapting.

Today, website development has taken new paths incorporating mobile accessibility. Gone were the days when website development solely focus on computers as accessibility today has gone innovative and more high tech than ever. If customers can’t see your site using their mobile phones, you are losing a great number of potential customers and actual buying clients. In that light, websites need to be accessible from mobile devices as expecting people to wait until they’re in front of their computers at home before they can check you out is just plain unrealistic.

Here at ByDomino, we will help you assess your mobile needs and develop high quality mobile solutions for your business. On top of that, we will help you enhance your marketing strategies online to fit mobile users.

Why you need a mobile friendly website

More and more people are going mobile today. If you want your business to thrive and be at par with competition, take it to the mobile platforms and make the most of its advantages.

Mobile friendly sites mean more visitors – More often than not, people who use their phones to access products and services online are always on the go — and these days, most people are very busy and run on very tight schedules. In order to cater to this huge number of individuals, a mobile friendly site is necessary as potential clients will not bother to use your services or buy your products if they can’t access information about you in the fastest and most convenient manner.

SmartPhone users are more financially apt

Various studies have showcased that Smartphone users have more money to burn as compared to traditional cell phone users. They have more money to spend and they can spend this money buying your products and services should they see it in their mobile searches. Without a first-rate mobile presence, you’ll be handing these customers to your competitors.

Different Needs for Different Devices – A site that’s strictly developed for regular Internet browsers isn’t going to render properly on mobile devices – if it renders at all. People aren’t going to sit around waiting for a site to load. If it doesn’t load immediately and isn’t easy to navigate, they’re going to move to other sites that are easy to navigate and look around.


Mobile app development from ByDomino

If you cannot please your customer, you cannot do a good business – this is a simple rule. There are a number of benefits for your customers that mobile app development services will ensure. The accessibility becomes easy. Also, any important notifications, messages or warnings can be communicated with ease. This leads to more customer satisfaction, which in turn help your business grow further.

Our team of experts will look into your mobile website needs and determine whether or not an app makes sense. If so, we’ll develop one that will bring value to your customers and increased success to you.

People want information and services, and they want them fast. With the advancement in technology, it is possible for you to access this information and the services through your cell phones. Those companies that have not yet adapted to mobile may miss this opportunity to attract customers. It has become very important for companies to be able to cater to their customers over mobile phones. A mobile is the most personal form of communication and is becoming a powerful one as well. If you can capture a customer on their mobile, then you have them on all other platforms as well.

Here at ByDomino, we believe that the future is mobile, and we’re already there!  We help companies leap into mobile and forge their brands across multiple screens.



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