Internet Marketing Acronyms



Attention, Interest, Desire, Action The progressing levels of interest as a prospective buyer engages with marketing message

Asynchronous Javascript and XML A group of web development techniques that allows web apps to send and retrieve data without interfering with the page display

Average Order Value The average cost for each customer order

Application Programming Interface Information on software components that many online companies make available to developers

Annual Recurring Revenue A key metric for subscription businesses

Application Service Provider
A service that is available on-demand, wherever a user has internet access (also often called SaaS)

Business to Business
A business that provides a product or service for other businesses

Business to Consumer
A business that provides a product or service for consumers

Business Development Representative A position responsible for proactive outbound prospecting and lead management

Common Gateway Interface A method for web server software to delegate the generation of web content to executable files

Content Management System Allows publishing, managing, and editing content from a central interface

Cost Per Acquisition Calculated as ad campaign cost/[number of impressions x CTR x CR] CPC
Cost Per Click One pricing model for internet advertising where advertisers pay the publisher based on the number of clicks their ad receives

Cost Per Lead The advertiser pays per interested lead

Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline A system for prioritzing leads often used by sales representatives

Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003 Enforces tighter regulations on email SPAM




Cost Per Thousand (Mille) :Purchasing an ad by the number of viewers (in this case, for each group of 1,000 viewers)

Cost Per Opportunity : Calculating the spend for each opportunity acquired

Conversion Rate : The rate at which visitors to your site convert to known prospects

Customer Relationship Management : A platform that manages and organizes prospect and customer data (Ex.

Cascading Style Sheets : A markup language for the look and format of a document

Call To Action : A callout on your webpage that asks visitors to take action (Ex. “Download Now”)

Click Through Rate : Number of click-throughs / number of impressions

Direct Message (or Mail) : On Twitter, this refers to sending a private message to a follower

Domain Name System : A naming system for computers, services, or any resource connected to the Internet or a private network

Earnings Per Click  : Total amount paid to all of an advertiser’s publishers divided by the total clicks over the same period

Email Service Provider : A company that offers email marketing or bulk email services

Frequently Asked Questions : Many online marketers will include a section for these on their website

Facebook  : A common abbreviation for the social network

File Transfer Protocol :  Standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host to another host over a network

Google Analytics : A service offered by Google that generates detailed reports on a website’s traffic and traffic sources, and measures conversions and sales

HyperText Markup Language : A markup language for creating web pages

HyperText Transfer Protocol : An application protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems

HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure See HTTP, but with added security capabilities

Interactive Advertising Bureau Organization that develops industry standards for online advertising

Internet Message Access Protocol A protocol for email retrieval

Internet Protocol A set of rules for sending data across a network

Internet Service Provider An organization that provides access to the internet

Key Performance Indicator Metrics that are most indicative of business success

Lifetime Value A prediction of the net profit acquired from a customer over the span of their interactions with a company

Marketing Automation A platform that organizes prospect data, automates common marketing functions, and reports on campaign success

Month on Month Used to compare financial results

Marketing Qualified Leads Leads brought in from interacting with marketing materials

Monthly Recurring Revenue A key metric for subscription businesses

Modified Tweet On Twitter, this indicates that a retweet has been modified

Net Promoter Score A metric used to measure customer satisfaction, based on how likely the customer would be to recommend the product to others

Operating System Applications require an operating system to function

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor Used for web development and as a general- purpose programming language

Point of Sale When a prospect converts to a paying customer

Pay Per Click See Cost Per Click (CPC)

Page Ranking (also could refer to Public Relations or Press Release) How a website ranks in search engine results, determined by a mathematical algorithm

Page Views Also often referred to as an impression, this is simply when a visitor loads your webpage.

Request for Proposal A solicitation made by a company interested in purchasing a product or service

Return on Investment Profits in relation to capital invested

Run of Network Similar to run of site, but ads can appear anywhere in a network of sites

Run of Site An option in buying ads in which ad placements may appear on any page of a target site

Really Simple Syndication Used to publish frequently updated works (ex. a blog) in a standardized format

ReTweet On Twitter, the letters RT signify a tweet that has been shared from someone else’s feed

Real-Time Data Data that is delivered as it is gathered

Software as a Service A software service that is available on-demand, wherever a user has internet access

Search Engine Marketing The branch of marketing concerned with a brand’s visibility in search engine results

Search Engine Optimization Optimizing a website or webpage’s visibility in search engine results

Search Engine Results Page A listing of results in response to a keyword query

Service Level Agreement A services contract where the terms of the service are formally defined

Small-Medium Business A business whose personnel numbers fall below certain limits (limits vary from country to country)

Small-Medium Enterprise See Small-Medium Business (SMB)

Social Media Marketing The branch of marketing focused on gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites

Social Media Optimization Using multiple social media outlets to increase awareness of a product or service

Social Media Platform Ex. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Share of Voice An online advertising revenue model used to determine the advertising weight that each ad on a web page receives.

Sales Qualified Lead A lead that is qualified, actionable, and ready to be passed on to sales

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats A structured approach to analyzing a project or business venture

Total Cost of Ownership A financial estimate of direct and indirect costs of a product or service

Terms of Service Rules a user must follow in order utilize a product or service

User-Generated Content Refers to websites where users are able to post content (Ex. YouTube, Q&A sites)

User Interface The space in which users interact with an operating system



Uniform Resource Locator A web address


Unique Visitor (or View) A common way of measuring the popularity of a website

Unique Value Proposition Sometimes called the Unique Selling Proposition (USP), an aspect that differentiates a product from its competitors

User Experience A user’s perceptions while using a product or service

Values, Attitudes, and Lifestyles A research methodology used for market segmentation

Value-Added Reseller A company that adds a feature or service to a product and then resells it

Word of Mouth Marketing An unpaid form of promotion relient on customer satisfaction

What You See Is What You Get An editor that allows the user to see what the finished product will look like as they build

Extensible Markup Language A markup language that defines rules for encoding documents in a readable format

Year on Year Used to compare financial results

Year to Date Often used to detail business performance

Zero Moment of Truth The first moment of interaction between a shopper and a product



Acronyms & Abbreviations



Acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript + XML—Jesse James Garrett coined this term to refer to richly interactive, highly responsive Web applications that run in standard Web browsers and are built using standard Web technologies. Ajax Web applications let users perform the kinds of interactions that are characteristic of desktop applications, including drag and drop; incorporate new widgets such as sliders that interactively change the display of data and animated progress indicators; provide interactive, contextual user assistance; and display live, up-to-date information without requiring a full-page refresh.—Pabini Gabriel-Petit


Acronym for graphic user interface.


Acronym for information architecture.


Acronym for industrial design.


Acronym for interaction design.


Acronym for product management.


Acronym for rich Internet application.


Acronym for user assistance.


Acronym for user-centered design.


Acronym for user interface.


Acronym—(adj., n.) Our favorite acronym for user experience.


Abbreviation for World Wide Web.


Abbreviation for application. Plural, apps.

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